Thursday, March 22, 2007

PSE Editing

I've had Photoshop Elements for at least two years, and I finally decided it was time to learn to use it.

Here is the original photo:

This is a plain black-and-white, and it doesn't do anything for me.

This one is a "chocolate" black-and-white. I worked on the eyes a little (dodging catchlights, darkening eyelash line), and I really like the way it turned out.

Here I corrected the blue tint and adjusted the eyes like I did in the chocolate B&W. I'm torn between this and the chocolate for my favorite.

The shot was taken on auto setting w/o flash. Until I get a new lens, everything is done on a Nikon D40, 28-55 lens.

1 comment:

Aimee Lou said...

wow! Loving the blue corrected pic!

The chocolate tonal pic is pretty nice as well...

I have been downloading PSE to try out. Just finished, will have to try in the morning.

BTW... your blog(s) have convinced me to try it out. So check it out