Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some things are just funny - like my tall-for-his-age boy furiously riding a tricycle around the front yard with his knees slamming into the handlebars with every push of the pedals.

And then there are things that are just plain cool - like this wicked pumpkin Braeden picked out at the pumpkin patch. Seriously, could he have picked a cooler pumpkin? It's all warty and lumpy, and has so much character.

Here he is, proudly holding the aforementioned pumpkin.

Speaking of pumpkins, check out this bad boy - I said I was going to do a Transformers pumpkin, and while I need to refine my technique a bit, I still think I carved out a way cool Autobot-o-lantern. I should win an award for Cool Mommy or something.

Another shot of my Halloween masterpiece.

And totally unrelated, here is one of the best pictures I've ever gotten of my sweet dog - we've only had him for ten years!!!

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