Friday, April 20, 2007

Sun Flares & VW Bugs

Braeden wanted to play outside this afternoon, so I grabbed the camp chair and my camera in hopes that something interesting might happen. I was in luck. First, the sun broke through the clouds and created a lovely sun flare, which I actually managed to get on camera. The sun washed out the color, so I just changed it to black and white - and I love it that way!

Then a caravan of old VW bugs stopped in the church parking lot. I don't know if they realized I was taking their picture or not; I had the zoom lens on the camera when they drove up so I didn't have to move off the porch. It was too good to pass up. I decided that I really like photographing cars, and I think the next time Grandpa goes to a car show, I'm going to tag along.

The sun shots were taken with the 50mm lens at f/22, and the cars were taken with the 55-200 lens, f/11.

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chumly said...

Outstanding colors.