Friday, July 4, 2008


I admit it - I took a risk this year. I decided to try the display at South Pittsburg (on a whim, as most things I do). I thought I had a good spot nagged, but there were either power lines, buildings, or bridges in the way for the majority of the shots. In Tennessee, it's just tough to get a clear view of the sky. The thing about photographing fireworks is that it takes great patience. Of the 200 shots I took, only 2-3 dozen were in focus, and of those, here are the "good" ones. I was pleased that my color was better this year. My last attempt left me with washed-out photos.

It's a tricky thing, because no two situations are alike, so what works one year probably won't work the next. I literally had my hand on the camera the entire time - as soon as one photo would load, I was pressing the shutter for the next. At any rate, here are my favorites. You be the judge - was it worth the effort?


MarilĂș Caballero said...

Hola! i'm from Mexico, and a saw your blog by 'watching blogs in blogger' an i really loved yout pictures of fire works. 'fire works is one of the things that a really like.

Heather T. said...

Oh, you got some really good ones going on here! There are two in particular that I really like. I only took 54, and threw them all away! *lol*

Kerry said...

Great shots Amanda! I was going to try to get some myself but we had too many trees in the way.

Creative Angie P said...

you got some AWESOME shots! some year I can and some years I can't...this was a can't year, not one good photo...glad I could enjoy yours!

Nonerz said...

Yes, it was worth it! I love your pics!