Friday, August 1, 2008

Beautiful Visitors

This has been an unusual year. We've had so many beautiful butterflies around our house. I've been trying for days to photograph them, but they tend not to light in any one place for long. There are also lovely black butterflies, with wings tipped in the deepest teal - but they were nowhere to be seen today.

I went outside to untangle the dog's chain, and I saw this first little beauty. I ran inside for the camera and luckily, he was still there when I returned.

Does it get any prettier than this?

Just as I was about to quit snapping, a second one joined the first!

Then the real shocker - a third joined his comrades! I actually snapped a shot as he was landing, but all you can see are a bunch of squiggly legs.

I wish they'd been on the grass instead of the dirt, because it would have contrasted so nicely. Even so, I'm thrilled that I was able to get this much!


Aly D said...

wow! what a moment you captured! beautiful shots!!

senovia said...

Wow! Gorgeous butterfly photos!

I'm popping by from the 2Peas digital board to say hi! :)